Frequently Asked Questions about our web design and other services

Web design
Web Support

I have no experience of websites, do I need to learn anything?

We provide solutions for clients that have a wide range of experience but it does not matter how experienced you are, we provide as much or as little help with our process as required.

How much do your websites cost?

The cost of a website depends on a lot of different factors. Our website solutions start in the region of €2,000 for a basic brochure site and increase depending on your specific needs and functionality. We address your business needs uniquely and with the highest standard so we can do the best job for you. 

How long do you need to create a website?

It can take a varying amount of time to create one of our amazing website solutions. Lots of things like quality content, image, branding and functionality all go into a successful website. Basic websites usually take about 3-4 weeks.

Do I need to get my own domain and hosting?

No, but you are welcome to if you choose but you are responsible for servicing your own hosting. We can provide help with domain acquisition and we can provide our specialised web hosting that is specifically fine-tuned for our process and system. our Web Support system can take care of all your website requirements.

Do your websites work on mobiles and tablets?

Yes. Every website solution we produce is optimised to work flawlessly on small devices such as mobiles and tablets.

Do you create ecommerce websites and online shops?

At the moment we do not specialise in ecommerce websites but we can refer you to an expert.

Do you use content Management systems? What are these?

Yes we use CMS platforms. A Content Management System, or CMS for short, is software that runs your website more efficiently. It allows you to login and change pages and content without knowing code.

Do you provide any training?

Yes. All our web and online solutions come with training videos built specifically for use with our systems and are available inside your dashboard at all times.

Do you design logos?

Yes. While we spend a lot of time designing and developing websites, our background is predominantly design and branding so this is a big bonus we have this experience in-house.

I want to rebrand my website but I have lost my logo files, can you help?

Yes. We have a very large background in design and illustration so redrawing a logo is something we can handle no problem.

Do you create Facebook Ads?

I have no experience with Social Media, can you help with this?

We can definitely help you. We can add Social Media or Email marketing scope to your project. Get in touch with us for a quote.

What is Messenger Marketing?

Messenger is Facebook's chat application that lets users that are signed up for Facebook chat to other users through the Facebook app itself or though the Messenger app. They are both connected. Messenger Marketing is a form of automated chat marketing that automatically responds when a user comments on Facebook post.This can take many forms and can achieve complex outcomes.

What is Web Support

Web Support is a system we put together to help you protect, manage and improve your website without the worry. We take over all aspects of your website and provide tonnes of value through hosting, licensing, page-speed, security, content updates and in some plans, SEO optimisation for a monthly fee instead of an hourly developer fee which is unpredictable and high risk.

Does the Web Support create a website?

No, Web Support is for existing websites only. If you have a website that needs upgrading/rebranding, we can put together a quote that will bring your site back to life and then protect it with a Web Support plan.

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