The best way to use your Facebook Business Page

November 25, 2018
 | Garreth Greene

If you've created a Facebook Page for your business recently, then I'm sure you remember how exciting it was to launch your company name on Social Media and watch the engagement happen.

Disclaimer: This isn't a guide on how to setup your Facebook Page, there are hundreds of those out there. However, one of the biggest attractions of Facebook has become the biggest TRAP a lot of businesses fall into, namely how easy it is to write a post and upload a photo.

This sounds hypocritical right? It's excellent that it encourages you to write more posts and upload more photos but there is a Hidden Danger to all of this smooth writing and easy uploads.

The biggest trap I see businesses and organisations fall into is..... Using their Facebook page as their website. I hope you can appreciate the bold and red colour I used to convey enragement.

While using your Facebook page to promote your business is great and correct, you have to understand the relationship between social media and your website. Below are the four fundamental facts you need to get to grips with about using Facebook for your business. If you can understand these facts, you will begin to see how you can improve your online marketing by following the right path.


1. You don't own your Facebook Page.

Have a look at the list below and see if you can spot the trend.

  • MySpace
  • Bebo
  • Google+
  • Digg
  • Yahoo

Correct, they are all defunct or about to become defunct. I could add to this the many many social media startups that you've never heard of, not because they were all bad – but just they didn't get enough traffic or market share or funding to survive.

The point is you don't own your Facebook page, if you use paid ads you don't own them either. You barely own the content you post on Facebook as they have structured it (legally) in such a way as that it's your content but they have complete control of it. Use it as the great tool it is but as the saying goes: don't put all your eggs in one basket


2. Facebook is not Google.

Facebook's mission is to "give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what's going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them". Source:

Facebook monetised the above mission by allowing organisations and brands to create pages and advertise to these base users so this is their main objective.

So let's be clear: Facebook is not a search engine. Your company page does not appear in searches for your services. With this in mind you should not treat Facebook like a website, but as a tool to direct traffic to your website.


3. Facebook is very stingy when letting people see your posts.

When you write a post on your Facebook page, the amount of people that like your page who see your post, is called organic reach. Facebook has been reducing organic reach year on year to an average of about 16%. So if you have 1000 fans, this is 160 people.

This is extremely low unless and even if you have a LOT of fans or you can create stunning content that goes viral, its still 16%. Even big brands with 500k+ fans struggle to get any decent organic engagement.

This is where you should be thinking... "I should be paying more attention to my website". But it's never too late!


4. Facebook wants you to spend money on paid advertising.

If you can come up with earth-shattering posts that grab your fans attention (at least the first 16% for starters) then well done. But for the rest of us we have to fall back on ads to reach a decent proportion of people.

And while you can spend very little on Facebook to start with, if you don't know what you're doing that money can disappear without any results.



When people use Google to search for products or services, they don't find Facebook pages – they find websites or blogs or content related to those searches. The best content gets shown first. The stale websites that were disregarded for a Facebook page are listed on page 87 of the search results.

If you want to truly develop your business online, you need a great website, great content and the effort and commitment to build it step by step. Everything else like social media, apps, Software as a Service and so on is there only as long as the owners continue doing business or allow you to continue being a user.

Is it worthwhile? Extremely. Only your website can truly portray your brand, your services and help people choose your business over your competitors. So depending on your business, at least 60 - 70% of your efforts or investment should go to your website first and then feed out to social media profiles.

This doesn't mean you cant engage on Facebook directly with your fans but you need to know that Facebook could disappear tomorrow or next week so treat it as such.

It is possible to achieve completely organic traffic to your website without any social media (SEO). On the flip side, Facebook Ads are unbelievably powerful when connected to a proper system using lead generation and funnels.

So the question is, what is the right setup or system for your business? Only by trying can you find out. We can show you how to use both your social media platforms and your website together.

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