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We can demonstrate how you can achieve more leads, more sales, more customers, find new markets and ultimately generate more success for your business or project.

  • Is your website not getting the traffic it should be?
  • Have you got a great product or service but for some reason, your website is doing nothing or could be doing way better?
  • Have you been promised the sun moon and stars with your new or existing website but it falls far short of your expectations?
  • Are you worried about your business not generating enough to pay the bills?
  • Do you question why you got into your business when all there seems to be is stress and worry about getting customers?

While there will always be things which you can’t control, being a business owner definitely shouldn’t be this stressful. You should be getting to enjoy your business, not wringing your hands over it – especially when it comes to your website.

Wasn’t the reason you started this business to do something you enjoy, your passion – or to make a difference, to provide a great service? Help people?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a bit of a break from your worry about where the next cheque is coming from?

If you buy some equipment for your business it usually does what it says on the box right? But for some reason, websites don’t seem to act like this.

Whatever you do, if you are in or run a business that could be doing a lot better, we can help. If you own a website that is supposed to be getting customers, leads or sales for you then please, read on.

What is SEO

Image showing person holding mobile phone and using Bookmark favourite feature to portray concept of seo content is king in article

Firstly, lets take a closer look at SEO and what it is.

Search Engine Optimisation is essentially targeted digital marketing for websites that have a product, service or any conversion-based goal. This could be a contact form filled out, a call to action or some other specific action you want the reader to do.

Applying this process to your website, is called an SEO campaign.

This campaign is itself a process comprising many different tasks. Depending on what industry you are operating in, research and clever detective work is done first to identify a set of keywords that represents traffic that your business wants.

A successful campaign results in targeted traffic to your site that are looking for products or services that you provide. This is what keywords are all about. Traffic is worth nothing if it gets to the wrong website and leaves soon after. This makes Google disappointed!

So, back to the process: You approve the keywords and the work begins.


Next is the task of optimising your website in a professional way so Google and other search engines can crawl it, measure it, “trust it’ and rank it. Your content has to be superb, relevant, engaging and keyword rich. Gone are the days of using influential terms just to get people to your page.

The speed of the site has to be fast so the reader doesn’t get bored waiting and the structure of the site must be carefully built or improved so that the user experience is as clean and user friendly as possible. Content must be engaging and of value.


Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Source: Internet Live Stats

Your site is then “networked” but in a special website-type way! Google determines a great website by the number of other websites who link to it and more importantly, by the quality of those websites.

Simply put. if you get spammy sites that link to you, then Google will determine your are spammy too. Think of it like falling in with the wrong crowd of friends, you invariably get into trouble.

Content generation and more linking building is required to maintain and build your websites rank and trust. This is done in a way that transforms your site into a better and better website for your users to search for, spore and engage with.

User value

Essentially your website needs to provide content of value to your existing or new users.

This makes Google very happy as it likes it when people who are searching for something in particular, explore your website and find what they are looking for. Result!

There are of course many, many variations to this process depending on each individual situation but this is the bones of it. The most important thing is to have an SEO professional who knows what they are doing otherwise things can go wrong.

Bad SEO includes shortcuts, duplicate content, spammy links that get you penalties and other nasty stuff that might get quick results short-term but in the long run, it will harm you drastically. High rankings can be wiped out overnight with a Google update to their algorithm.


How search engines operate

Image showing search engine home page with search bar on a browser window, a user is entering a query, collage and paper cut composition

Google has a very simple expectation when it comes to websites and apps that populate the internet. Their mission is simple: “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. (Source:

So as you can see above, Google is determined to make finding things and information on the internet accessible for everyone. Its entire existence is based on helping people find information they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

Marketing opportunity.

If you can imagine this scenario as two pieces pf a jigsaw. One piece is Google and your website “can be” the opposite piece of the puzzle.

Thats a very simple analogy but its almost true. The jigsaw piece that represents Google, is actually the search that someone performs.

When someone types a search term into Google such as “SEO in Dublin”, it serves up a list of websites in order of relevance that it thinks match your request.

These results are called Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs. If your website provides SEO and you are in Dublin, then you may appear in this search page.

Google keeps tabs on every single website and this defines how you list in these results. Your website is tested and measured on many things but to name a few; trust, relevance, authority, content quality, speed and so on.

This is called organic ranking and is how Google naturally (at no cost) places your website in the hierarchy of the entire world wide web.


70% of the links search users click on are organic.


If you have a professionally optimised website with an active SEO campaign, your changes of appearing in the top results are much, much greater.

Making the right choice for your business

So a choice you can make is whether or not to have a really excellent website. Choosing yes will do all the things that search engines want and get you organic ranking which is free and it lasts.

Or you can leave your website as it is and hope things improve by themselves.

This choice is the difference between appearing directly in front of people searching for products or services you can provide, or your website just being visited by friends and family.

All the technical terms and processes really result in great content for readers. This is what it’s all about. There’s no magic tricks. Search Engines like Google are more likely to put websites that provide the content searchers are looking for, first based on previous behaviour.

We now know that to make all these things work together, it requires really great website experience for your readers, so therefore, if you have no readers then this means there are problems.


The SEO process

seo dublin experts images showing an explanation of how the seo process works in Google search results using a pie chart and text

Let’s take a Galway hotel for an example. This shows the process that an SEO campaign might take.
The hotel wants to show off all of its features, its bar, gym, the mouth-watering food the restaurant prepares and the rooms.

They hire a professional photographer and capture these shots in an appealing way so everything looks great. They could get business just by putting these features online attracting customers simply by the location, however they could do it much better too.

We research and find what customers are actually searching for that is relevant to this hotel. Based on these niche searches we can tailor the content of the website with the target of appearing top-ranked in search engine page for these terms.

The search engine then drives potential clients to the specifically tailored content based on what exactly they want. This dramatically increases the number of viewers are converted into paying customers.


Search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%.


This process is simplified and explained in the diagram above. Obviously this is shortened and will differ from industry to industry but the idea is still the same.

The Simplified SEO process

  1. Research is undertaken to find out what searches are being carried out for people looking to book Galway hotels including identification of competitors.
  2. This research is broken down into “keywords”. Working together we identify what keywords you want to target for what services.
  3. The website is optimised and restructured with content tailored to the keywords customers are looking for. This results in a better experience for customers and a higher ranking on Google.
  4. When a niche customer is searching specifically for the keyword, it finds content matching exactly what they want.
  5. The customer visits the website with content written specifically for the them, meaning percentage-wise they are much more likely to connect and make a reservation or call to enquire further.

The great thing about the process, is that the more customers that visit the site, the higher Google ranks it as it is giving people exactly what they are searching for. This means your online presence becomes even more ubiquitous the more successful you become.

It is a win-win for the hotel, it not gains valuable insight into what the client base wants and delivers leads, but it also finds new customers that it might not have been able to leverage before.

It uses these customers to earn an ever-greater ranking in Google, and the process repeats over and over.


Why choose creative?

Image showing male hand drawing smiley emoticon on office whiteboard to convey a happy SEO customer

In any advertising campaign, particularly true in print and offline advertising, it can be very hard to promote your advert in the right place so it gets in front of people who are actively looking for your products or services.

One of the most amazing things to come out of Google’s existence is the targeting potential for website marketing.

Simply by the act of Google monitoring absolutely everything about your website and creating vast metrics based on user behaviour, location and all that lovely stuff – conversely, it creates major opportunities to leverage those metrics to get particular types of websites in front of particular types of people.

If completed professionally, your website can be slotted in front of people who are actively searching for products or services that you offer.

70 – 80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results.


Choosing the right approach

While we can control certain things like website content, the optimisation and the effort and work we put into your SEO project – we can’t control Google or the internet (unfortunately).

Our business model and mission is based upon the principles of client trust and campaign success.

While there is always risk in the marketing sector, we do not accept projects where we feel a return cannot be achieved.

SEO has the power to transform your business and it’s amazing how few businesses are grasping this fact. We believe in putting your success first.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your market or niche get saturated. If you don’t get in front of all those search results, someone else will so get in touch today.

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