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Deeper than a logo

The first thing to learn about branding is that your logo or mark, although very important, is only the face or front of your business. Most of the heavy lifting is done by brand elements that filter down throughout all your collateral, which supports and enhances the logo in any situation. Colours, voice, tone, usage, customer experience and storytelling create a certain feeling or trust when seen, heard or in contact.

Brand strategy is the art of shaping how your business is perceived by your customers – what you’d like them to think about or feel when they hear or see your name. Trust, security, familiarity, recognition; these are all feelings we have around brands we interact with and big brands have spent millions creating scenarios where they can project their values and feelings onto customers.

Why should you care about branding?

Every time a customer interacts with your business in any way or context, you are applying some sort of branding even if you are unaware of it.

Branding is you and your business, no matter how big or compact it is. It’s how you talk to clients, how you write emails, the experience customers have when they buy a service or product. It’s the extra effort you make or not make in customer engagement.

Smaller businesses need to be much smarter and more brand aware to compete with other, possibly larger companies or to get ahead of the game by being better. Logo design is a very important step to take in itself but it really is the first step of the journey.

Some businesses are not ready to develop their brand to such a degree and thats ok too. We believe we can create a solution for every situation and budget.

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Feel good factor

Have you ever bought something or had an experience with a company that made you stop and say, “wow that was really good” or “that made me feel really nice”. This could have been the product or service but more likely it was a small detail during the process such as a packaging touch, an extra personal reach out during the sales process. This is usually called customer service but is essentially a fundamental part of branding (customer experience).

Apple has been the king of the feel good factor. Apart from the actual products, they invested a huge amount of effort, time and money into the packaging and presentation. If you’ve ever opened an apple product then you should know what we mean – it’s a memorable experience and something you actually miss when faced with other inferior experiences.


Companies can have great things like the above going on but if the rest of the experience (logo, website, admin, advertising, process) is not coherent, then the potential lead or customer suffers a disjointed experience and loses trust. This is where the true power of branding becomes apparent when you can use it to structure and create ownership, but to improve your customers journey which can only amount to success.

Memorable experiences are drastically boosted when all the pieces match your brand strategy. This doesn’t just mean that, while very important, making sure that brand colours are used correctly throughout – but that the customer has the best experience possible when deciding whether to convert or not.


Depending on your industry or speciality, it can take up to and sometimes more than seven exposures of your brand upon customers to effectively convert a lead. This could be your visiting your website, engaging with social media, reading your blog, viewing printed collateral, seeing a digital advert or a mix of all of these formats together.

If a customer sees a nice advert on facebook, clicks your link and then is presented with a website that either looks different or does not continue an effective experience, it can have a disjointed and negative impact which usually results in mistrust.


As we know, sales in any discipline is a numbers game. Any increase in conversion rates no matter how small, can have very positive impact on your sales percentages. Branding is a process that you can apply to every aspect of your business and the way you do business with measurable results.

The misunderstanding people can make is to treat branding as a luxury when in reality, it is the foundation of customer experience. If you want to turn your customers into a tribe of loyal fans that will continue to buy your products, then branding is the first step.


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