Discover the power of  Messenger Marketing & Chat Bots.

  • Imagine an audience with a 70-80% open rate.
  • Imagine an automated assistant providing information and leading customers to where you want.
  • Imagine the ability to broadcast direct to your audience via their personal chat.
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Incredible tools to engage customers and explode growth

Engaging & reaching your audience using your page has become harder and harder with organic reach being incrementally reduced to single digits by Facebook.

However, now you can use Facebook Messenger and chatbots to grow an organic list as well as add interactivity to your facebook posts and adverts.

This is a hugely successful tool so jump on board to explode your business today! 

1. Automation

Setting up a chat bot on your facebook page can act as your virtual assistant in helping customers learn about your business through mapped flows.

Bots can also appear to answer questions and also leading people towards contact points on your website and collect lead information.
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2. Engagement

Creating a Facebook Advert for your products and services can be augmented with chatbot engagement which subscribes users to your list when they comment.

Ads are designed with a direct Call to Action to trigger engagement which subscribes the user. 

Engaged users are then be guided through a sales chat flow and also any additional sales funnels.
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3. Broadcasting

After successful engagement with your chatbot or chatbot-enabled post or ad, you are now capable of reaching all these users again and again directly through chat to offer more value and services with a phenomenally high open rate (70 - 80%).

Simply create an offer or promotion, curate content or a landing page, broadcast your offer and watch the your lead conversion go through the roof.

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