creativenergy Web Support Plan

Contract Agreement

The Web Support Plan is a month-to-month rolling contract that allows us (creativenergy) to provide ongoing services to you (client) on the website you are listing in the “Website URL” field of our Support Plan form. The submission of a Support Plan form does not imply the creation of a contract until we can ascertain that your website is suitable for this plan and is beneficial to the website in question.

The support and maintenance for your website includes backups, updates, licenses, support, security, threat-monitoring and any 30 Minute Tasks included in the plan. The plans are broken in to Basic, Premium and Premium Plus tiers that vary in features and amount of services provided depending on which plan you select. The nature of website software and technology including content management systems and frameworks is constantly changing and monitoring all these aspects is a necessity and for the crucial success of your website. Our support plans are tailored to achieve this for a monthly payment.

The payment for this contract is in advance on a monthly basis and you can cancel at any time with one months notice. If a plan is cancelled, all the items covered on the support plan will then become your sole responsibility.

What's included (legend)

Managed Hosting
Hosting is the location where your website is stored and allows people to load it through their browser. We provide a very secure cloud hosting solution through our partner that we manage on your behalf. This means if any problems occur we look after them immediately. This service has it's own backup system so this is tier one of disaster recovery.
SSL Secured
Along with managed hosting we provide you with an SSL certificate to encrypt any data transferred between your website and your users. This is particularly important in that Google has now started warning visitors of websites that are not secured this way.
Daily Backups
Along with backups of your website from a hosting level, we also backup your entire site on a daily basis so if something nasty does happen, wee've got your covered.
Security & Threat Scans
All websites are targets for hackers, bots, spam injections and a lot of other nasty stuff. No protection or old software can leave your website open wide to embarrassing content, passing on viruses to your viewers or your website removed completely.
Performance Monitoring
Keeping your site optimised and running fast and efficiently not only benefits your customers but is a large ranking factor for Google. Our performance monitoring keeps track of uptime and performance.
Software Licensing
Providing extra functionality for your websites needs comes partly from a library of software which you can get access to by signing up for our Support Plan. This saves you from paying all fees and also monitoring updates.
Analytics Reporting
The best way you can improve your website is to track, measure and test the users visiting your site. We add a Google analytics profile to your website which does all this and more.
30 Minute Tasks
Our thirty minute tasks are how we can edit/post/update/improve content or issues on your website. We set these per month on your site so you can get your updates done and dusted. Tasks rollover for 2 months only.
Discounted Rates
As a Support Plan member you will receive a member-only rate of €55 per hour as opposed to €75 per hour for any editing or custom work that takes longer than 30 minutes.
Strategy Sessions
Another perk of being a Support Plan member under the premium and premium plus plans is you'll get strategy consultation sessions which let can help you plan out campaigns, projects and best strategies for your business.
24 Hour response time
Another perk being Support Plan member under the premium and premium plus plans you'll get strategy sessions which lets you consult with us on the best ways forward for your website.
SEO Monitoring & Tweaks
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process where we take reasonable steps to result in your website achieving higher rankings which means more traffic.

What is not covered

  • A Web Support Plan is not a website design process. It is only the support and maintenance of existing, functioning websites.
  • Any edit to your page that requires more than 30 minutes. Support Plan members benefit from a discounted hourly rate of €55.00 per hour for work that takes longer than 30 minutes.
  • Support plans do not include any custom design. Any creation of ads, promotions, logos or custom graphics will be billed at our hourly rate of €75.00 per hour.
  • A Support Plan does not cover any social media management, Facebook Ads, Google Adsense, online Marketing, or directory listings.
  • Support Plans do not cover any document production such as word docs, forms, PDF creation. ALl content must be supplied. Any work outside this will be charged at the discounted rate.

Payment Terms

Your Web Support Plan invoice will be issued on the same day every month for the upcoming month (payment in advance) . The invoice is due upon receipt.

After 15 days overdue a reminder will be sent.

After 30 days overdue your hosting account will be suspended and you will have an additional 30 days to request a backup of your website. In order to restore service you will need to balance all outstanding invoices before the support plan is reinstated.

After 90 days overdue you will no longer be eligible for a Web Support Plan and we will not be required to provide you with a backup of your site.

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