WordPress 5: Check with a pro before you click update

December 8, 2018
 | Garreth Greene

If you manage your own WordPress site (on a hosted platform, not wordpress.com) you may have either heard or seen notices inside your admin about WordPress 5.0 being released on Dec 6, 2018

There has been much consternation and anticipation about this release as it is a VERY LARGE change to the WordPress core and some feel it's unreliable and rushed.

The main change centres around the standard WordPress text editor (TinyMCE) which has been around for yonks. Now WordPress 5.0 sees a completely new editor being introduced into the core of WordPress.

I'm sure this will all settle down soon enough but in the initial stages. However, this is the most critical time when everything is up in the air on a brand new release. If you update your WordPress site it might not cause any issues, you might be fine - but then again it could cause drastic problems and your site ceases functioning properly.

This is not that WordPress itself isn't working properly, but more that the new version might be incompatible with the plugins or software you use on your site and cause bugs that way. Your site needs to be cloned and then updated so that everything is checked before its pushed to a live version.

Our advice: Get things checked out by your designer/developer or contact us here and we can take a look.

I don't want to sound like a fear-monger, but you do not want to risk clicking that update link before you know how it will affect your site and the installed plugins.

Make the right choice and Good luck!

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